Easily import data from other Sheets without impacting performance.

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Note: This add-on was build for some specific projects which I am no longer involved with. For this reason, it will see no further development. The core functionality can be achieved by using IMPORTRANGE() and the 3D Reference add-on. The information below should be used only for existing installations.


This add-on allows you to import data from a list of other Sheets without impacting performance. Great for periodic updates of data-sets spanning multiple documents as a form of 4D reference. You can also create documents from form submissions to make imports as easy as possible.


Import data from other documents listed in a spreadsheet.

If any sheets/ranges cannot be found, or you do not have access to them, they will be displayed in a dialog once the import has completed. IMAGE

The import will output the values from the target sheets in the specified tab, overwriting existing data. IMAGE.

​Template Setup

Create documents from templates based on form submissions.


Tags identify the questions in a form and can be used to set the folder, file name and variables of the created document dynamically based on a form response. For example, a path of “DataPull Documents/<<1783560853>>/<<1481065390>>” could become “DataPull Documents/Europe/London”. IMAGE


Here’s what DataPull does with each of the permissions it requires:

Further details can be found in the GSuite Add-on Privacy Policy.


URL list and DataPull sidebar

Users can specify a range to be copied from a list of Google Sheets document URLs into the current document.

imported data in a sheet

The location data is imported into can be specified by the user.