This page outlines what to expect when you use my Google Sheets add-ons, as well as how they use your data and what to expect when contacting me in relation to them.

Google Sheets Privacy Policy

Why is access to your documents needed?

My add-ons may need access to your Google documents and files in your Drive in order to function, even if the add-on only accesses the current document. My scripts and add-ons may request permission to access the full contents of users’ Google Drive or to view and manage all of a users’ spreadsheets, however this is typically because Apps Script offers me no workable alternative for a more limited scope. This access is required to allow actions performed or scheduled by the end user, and no data or the contents of users’ Drive files is ever transmitted to any third parties unless explicitly enabled by the end user.

How is your data used and who do the add-ons share information with?

Your data is not sent anywhere by the add-ons without explicit user interaction or set up. I don’t collect any data, however external services required for some add-ons do. Details of which external services, if any, an add-on connects to as well as when and why it connects to them can be found under the permissions section on its respective page on this website (linked below).

How does each add-on use its permissions?

You can find further details of how each add-on uses the required permissions on its respective page on this website:

Where can I go if I have additional questions?

Contact me, giving as much detail as possible.

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