Form Data for Jotform

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Adds interfaces and custom functions that output a 2D array of form data from JotForm. Return user, form, submission, report & folder data. This add-on has no affiliation with JotForm Inc.​​

Set Up

  1. Navigate to
  2. Press “Create a new key” or use an existing one.
  3. Copy the key into the set up dialog. For full instructions, see Jotform’s website.

Import Sidebar

The sidebar can be used to import form data from Jotform manually, which is useful if you only need to update it periodically. Go to Jotform Data > Import to open the sidebar, from here you can select the data you want to import. Details of each parameter are listed under ‘Custom Functions’ below.


Available through the import sidebar, scheduling allows you to import form data from Jotform on a regular, recurring basis. Settings are taken from the import sidebar and run at the specified frequency. You can manually prompt a check of all schedules, as well as forcing them all to import regardless of when they were last run.

Custom Functions


Enter ‘=JOTFORM()’ in any cell. The parameters for this function are listed below:


Enter ‘=JOTFORM_ADV()’ in any cell. The parameters for this function are listed below:


Both functions output a 2D array of information from JotForm with headers on row one. This can take up a lot of columns, so consider transposing the output. Results are stored in the document to improve performance and minimise the amount of requests made to JotForm, however this is not always possible with large responses.


Here’s what Form Data for Jotform does with each of the permissions it requires:

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